Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quick $$$ update

I imagine it's about time to do an update on how I've been doing.

My Final Fantasy XIII Fansite is up and running, but is doing quite horrendously in terms of traffic. Google finally picked it up, but the only search query that it's pulling up for is if you type in the URL. I'm still working on it though. I had AdSense up, but realized that was dumb since there are no visitors; so it's gone until I get regular traffic. Essentially $0.00 earned from the site so far.

YouData has crawled to a screeching halt. They offer around $0.10 worth of opportunities every 2 weeks now. I still do it, but it's not even worth noting anymore. Was a good $3.00 or so in the first month though.

I finally received my first payment from eHow. At the end of 2009 I had accumulated $8.25 in earnings, and received a PayPal transfer for $7.25 (subtracted a $1 holding fee). Not much, but it was nice to see my first payment from the site; I'm starting to do a little bit better here in January too. Since it's going to take time for my site to build up traffic and it probably won't come anywhere close to that until March 9th when Final Fantasy XIII comes out in the United States, I may try to focus on writing up some more eHow articles in the mean time. I was psyched to see one of my newer articles yield $0.30 in earnings with only 2 views immediately after I posted it. The views were probably a bit off, but that quick ad revenue got me going... I want more!

I've been trying to think of another website to create while I wait for Final Fantasy XIII to come out. (no real content to add until I can actually get the game and see what's up with it!) No luck as of yet, which is a bad thing because I'm not really honing my web design skills as much as I'd like. I'd really love to have something to sink my teeth into, but the part about coming up with ideas has always been the hardest for me. Oh well, I'm going to keep plugging away for now.

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