Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New web hosting; good deal?

A couple of days ago I decided to purchase some web hosting for future web ventures since my Texas A&M University web space was running quite slow; that and I'm probably not supposed to use it for anything commercial at all. After shopping around, I decided to go with ipage.com for hosting.

Ipage was #2 on one top 10 web hosting site and #3 on another, but I have to be honest: the reason I chose it above those ranked slightly higher was the price; $3.50 a month for unlimited transfer and HD space. It also gives a free domain name when you sign up along with a free $50 credit to Google AdWords, which I haven't used yet.

So far I'm satisfied. If you know the basics of web design, you can use FTP to pop your web files onto the site just like that. It also has a couple of drag-and-drop web design programs, but I haven't cared to check them out yet so I can't pass judgment yet.

I have to say that I was curious why they could host sites with unlimited transfer for so cheap. I didn't find any real "catch", but one little thing that bothers me a bit is the site sets your account to auto-renew once your time is up and sets it to renew with the upgraded package which costs twice as much. I did not see any option to renew again at their "basic" level. I haven't called and asked or anything about this, but it's something I'll look more into as my subscription runs out.

In all, so far so good. If you're looking to test out the web design waters for cheap, this would be a good place to start since it appears to be the cheapest while still being a quality host. If you check it out, you can list your referee as "moonflow.net", or you can not fill it out, but I'd appreciate it since they give you a $25 dollar credit for any customers you refer. Another opportunity to make things even cheaper, which is something we're all after in this online rat race.


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