Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year E-Resolutions

People often do their resolutions for the new year early each January, so I figured that I would do it except make my resolutions about my online ventures. Here are some of the things I'm resolving to do in the new year:

1. Stop Reading, Start Doing - I have a habit of going around reading everything that I can find relating to online income, whether it be blogs, articles, or anything else I can find. I think I've read just about every tip in the book, but for some reason I continue to search for that secret (which probably doesn't exist) instead of using my time to develop an actual project. Thus, I'm resolving to start spending more of my time on projects instead of just thinking about doing them.

2. Be Persistent - Another one of my bad habits has been to get started working on something only to move on when it isn't immediately successful. I know that it takes time to be successful, but for whatever reason I tend to spread myself too thin instead of sitting down and focusing on something. I've written for eHow only sporadically as the inspiration comes and goes and I've had problems sitting down to diligently work on a website. If I want anything to succeed, I'm going to have to persist and stick with it instead of jumping around all the time.

3. Put in the Effort to Learn - This is mainly in regards to my web design aspirations. I realize that if I want to become skilled at designing web sites, I'm going to have to put in the time to learn how to use both programs and coding. This means actually focusing on the learning aspect of something like Photoshop instead of just tinkering around. I've already started working on my CSS skills (quite useful) and I imagine that I'll have to start taking up PHP. It won't be fun, but if I want to make money online, I'm going to have to take it seriously and actually learn things along the way.

4. Take Pride in what I've Created - In the rat race to make money online it's easy to focus too much on nothing but the actual profit you've made. Sometimes I feel as though I need to step back and take a look at the fact that even though people may not click the ads on everything I've created they still are reading material that I've posted online. Presumably I'm helping someone find something that they were looking for; that's something I can take satisfaction from. The money will come and go in these ventures, but satisfaction is something that should stay with you and can also motivate you to keep going. Keep it in mind!

Those are my main resolutions for my online ventures in 2010. Good luck sticking to whatever resolutions you make, and have a happy 2010!

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